Why Dance?

What Will My Child Gain From Dance Lessons?

Here at JanNik Children’s Dance Classes we recognise that Learning to Dance provide Children with a Skill for Life.

Research has shown that learning to dance not only improves balance, posture & co-ordination but also contributes to your child’s physical & mental development. They will also develop their stamina and have a positive approach to fitness & exercise.

Every new step and routine a child masters will increase their self confidence and self esteem.

Every child is constantly assessed by fully qualified N.A.T.D. staff and will have the opportunity to be entered for examinations under the N.A.T.D. should they wish to do so.

“I would just like to say how delighted I am with JanNik Dance. My daughter started only a matter of weeks ago and her lack of ability to concentrate was a concern to me. After only 4 lessons her concentration had improved and this has had a positive effect with her school work and when trying to do new and difficult things! Not only has her concentration improved but her self esteem has too! Jane and Nikki have boosted her self confidence – THANK YOU, you worked wonders in a very short space of time!”

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