Children’s Dance Parties

Our Children’s Dance Parties add a unique style of entertainment. We are very experienced in organising and structuring children’s parties around your and their individual needs.

Our children’s parties include: Tuition by professional dance teachers, a choreographed dance to music of your choice, lots of fun with party games & prizes and personalised certificates of achievement for the host and their guests. We will advise you on a suitable size/type of venue for the dance party.

We normally run either a one hour dance party (minimum age for all dancers 6 years).


A two hour dance party (minimum age for all dancers 8 years).

An hour’s party will consist if some warm up dances, followed by a dance specially choreographed to your choice of music.

A typical two hour dance party starts with a few warm up dances followed by your own special choreographed dance, to the music of your choice. We will also play party games if appropriate (e.g. pass the parcel or musical statues). We then recap the routine and then do some party dances to finish.

At the end of each dance party, each child will receive a certificate of achievement and the host/hostess will get some special extras from JanNik dance.

Childrens Dance Parties

We provide all the prizes for the games and spot prizes for the best dancers and those trying the hardest

Please note time is allowed within the 2 hour party for the dancers to eat. We also provide props, e.g. pom-poms for cheerleading dance parties. If you have a suitable venue we can bring the disco lights too!

Why choose a Children’s Dance Party?

Dance is a fantastic form of entertainment, both for those participating and those watching.

Children enjoy our energetic, exciting dance parties which means you can relax and enjoy watching them.

We can take the stress out of your day and you will have time to enjoy the party too!

Entertaining children of any age at a party can be an exhausting experience; you find you have missed watching your child enjoy themselves as you have been too busy making sure all the guests enjoy themselves.

We can take the weight off your shoulders; we will engage and entertain the children encouraging them to participate in an activity which is both fun and a brilliant form of exercise.

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