JanNik Dance Tshirts Take A trip to Zambia!

JanNik Dance Goes Global!!!!!

Well, African actually!

In March of this year a selection of your old uniform T shirts, joggers and hoodies, all bearing our distinctive JanNik Dance logo,winged their way to Zambia with one of our Mums, Helen Allen.

Helen donated them to some of Zambia’s poorest school children as part of her charity, PEPAIDS’, Schools of Good Hope Project.

Helen founded the Sale based charity 12 years ago to help people in Zambia climb out of poverty and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Helen’s daughter, Sophie, attends JanNik Dance disco/Freestyle and classes, and she was absolutely delighted when we offered JanNik Dance’s support.

Helen says,

“The aim of our project is to give some of Zambia’s poorest and most vulnerable children a lifeline out of poverty. We have been working with 8 community schools to improve the quality of the education they are able to offer, by training teachers and improving resources at the schools. Some children lack the most basic things.  Having shoes and clothes that fit them helps them stay well so that they can learn well and be able to get a job when they grow up.

At one school I was really impacted by how a little girl gladly swapped her battered shoes for a pair of George Pig slippers that my son had grown out of.  That gave me an idea, and JanNik Dance are now collecting old dance shoes from the children in their disco/freestyle dance classes for me! These are ideal for taking out to Zambia as they are lightweight and squash easily into the bottom of your suitcase!


I am so grateful for the support of JanNik dance! As the famous supermarket says “every little helps”, and I love the fact that, when we pull together, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things!”

So here are some pictures of the children and the Tshirts, hoodies and joggers we sent,


We hope you can appreciate how little they have and how much JanNik Dance’s very small contribution has helped.

Thank you to all our parents and children for our Disco/Freestyle dance classes for their continued support and remeber keep giving us your old uniform and shoes, as you can see we really can make a difference with them.

( Thanks also to Helen Allen for her contribution to this post – well she wrote most of it – we just “tweaked” it a bit!)


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